To Busy to Create Content? Read This

Creating content for our businesses is probably one of the biggest challenges that owners face when talking about digital marketing and doing all of this online stuff.

People think that they need to get their blog posts 100 percent right. They think they’re no good on video. They can’t talk, and they don’t have the resources.

And as a result, nothing ever gets created. It’s really challenging.

So in today’s blog post, I want to talk about four simple content ideas that any business owner can implement that are low cost, that are low friction meaning they don’t take a lot of set up.

And that will add value to your business.

#1 Document Your Business Life

The first of these is a concept called documenting your business life.

And I came across it when watching a video about Gary Vaynerchuk, and he was talking about business owners complaining that they didn’t know what to write about or what to create.

And he said as a business owner, so much happens on a day to day basis, that is of interest to your audience, is of interest to your customers and will give them an insight into who you are and how you work and operate to serve your customers.

So what he said was simply record the daily activities of your business using an iPhone, a camera, whatever the format, simply record what’s happening.

If you’ve got a factory, video the staff building and manufacturing things.

If you’ve got an office talk to the customer support staff and interview them, things like that.

So, document the life of your business.

#2 Answer one Customer Question Each Day

Number two, pick a question and answer it.

Every day, as business owners, we get asked hundreds of questions that no doubt we’ve answered many times.

The idea of creating content that is simply an answer to these questions is easy for most people because you’ve answered the questions hundreds of times.

So pick a question that someone has asked you previously and answer one of these every day whether in video or audio or write a blog post and put it up on your site.

Pretty soon you’ll have hundreds of blog posts that are answering questions that people ask and that people go to Google, for example, to search for answers to these questions.

By putting them on your blog, by putting them on your Web site, you’re creating a platform or a landing page to get found and hopefully for people to do business with you.

#3 Comment on Industry News

The third idea is to comment on industry news.

So much of what happens on a daily basis, happens around the web in the news or on other industry websites and people who aren’t familiar with your industry are interested in what’s happening, they’re interested in the latest developments and if you’re an industry insider, no doubt you’ve got perspective on what’s happening and you can provide guidance on what’s happening.

So this strategy requires you to read the news in the morning and when you see something of interest to your audience, or your market or your customers, write a blog post, write a short curated news blog post, simply write about what happened.

Give your insight or your input, make some recommendations I guess from your own perspective. And then remember to give a link back to the original source so that you can go and read it if they want to.

And by doing this, you’re creating topically relevant content that is time sensitive because sometimes things happen in the news that people go and google and search about.

And if you’ve got an article there you’ll get found.

#4 Record Your Thoughts with Audio or Video

And the fourth content idea is simply to use audio to record your thoughts.

The post that you’re listening to today is being recorded by me sitting in front of my computer with a microphone.

I don’t feel like writing today. So I pulled up the audio recorder, and I’m talking about some ideas that are in my head.

Now we’ve all got iPhones with us and we can create content whenever we want simply by turning on the recording app.

So if you’ve got something to say, if you’ve got an idea or a thought that you think is relevant to the audience just record it down with your audio and then get it transcribed and put up on your blog.

You can embed the audio if you want. But this is a simple low cost, low friction way of recording content and putting it up on your site.

So that’s it.

Those are four quick and easy ideas about how you as a business owner can create content. I hope that was helpful. Thank you.