How to Keep Your Rankings and Traffic When Relaunching Your Website

Hey guys. Edmund Pelgen here, and today I wanted to talk to you about maintaining your traffic and rankings after you relaunch your website.

 [00:00:13] In the last two weeks I’ve probably seen two or three different websites get launched and people have come to me asking me to help them fix their traffic problems. And the reason is that the web developers have gone and made a bunch of changes without following these simple steps. And so these simple steps are,

#1 Make sure that the page titles and the meta descriptions on your old site are carried across to the new ones.

Those things are responsible for your current rankings and if you change your site, if you update the template, if you relaunch it without copying across those page titles and those meta descriptions, you’re going to lose your rankings. So don’t do that.

#2 Don’t delete old pages on your website.

You may very well have pages that are ranking and generating traffic for you. If you’re going to leave them because you no longer need them you may well lose that traffic. Take the time to simply migrate the design across and then analyze which pages are bringing you traffic and then figure out whether you want them. If you don’t want them then you can take the time to plan to redirect that traffic elsewhere. The third tip is, Don’t redirect pages to

#3 Don’t redirect pages to non-relevant pages.

What I mean by this is, if you have a page about red men’s shoes, don’t redirect that page to the top level shoes category which may not be about men’s shoes. It might be about women shoes or children just together. Google lately has been dropping rankings for pages where redirects are two pages that aren’t relevant.

So if you’ve got a page it’s ranking for red mens’s shoes and you update your site and you want to redirect it to a new URL because you are URL’s have changed, make sure you redirect it to the new red men’s shoe page.

#4 Have an SEO manage the Process

And the final tip to make sure you don’t lose your rankings and traffic is to make sure you have someone on your team like me, an SEO, someone who’s experienced to help you manage the process. They’ll make sure that you don’t make obvious mistakes. They’ll make sure that you’ve taken care of things like the page titles and the redirects and all those sorts of issues that can trip up a web designer. I hope this video was helpful. I’d love it if you share it with your friends and if you’ve got any other comments please leave them below.

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