Module 5 – Fundamental Shopify Fixes

In any e-commerce software, there is going to be a list of many technical issues that can help to improve how your website performs in Google search.

If you Google search “Shopify Technical Fixes Checklist” you will see a ton of content focused on trying to outdo each other with with bigger and bigger lists of things to fix.

However, the issue is that many of them create small incremental improvements and may not even have an immediate impact on the performance of your website.

This is because out of the box, Shopify pretty much takes care of most things.

Fundamental Fixes is all about fixing two key problems that Shopify has with duplicate content that can negatively impact your site’s rankings.

As part of this course, I want you to focus on fixing these two issues, if you have them, and when time permits, you can round back to deal with the other less critical technical issues that offer only incremental improvements.

The two issues that are dealt with in the next videos are:

  1. Duplicate Product URL’s and
  2. Duplicate Tag pages

If you have trouble implementing these fixes yourself then do not hesitate to reach out to the various third-party services that can do them for you.

Recommended Reading: The Shopify SEO Expert Guide: Over 101 Tips

Joshua Ubergang from Digital Darts has written an excellent resource that covers many of the technical SEO fixes that CAN be implemented on Shopify.
You can read it here once you have completed implementing your fundamental fixes as per the previous two videos.

It’s an excellent resource but my recommendation for you is to read it so you are aware of the incremental improvement opportunities that are available but don’t get caught up thinking you need to implement Structured Data as an example before you make these other fixes to your site.

It’s critical you apply Paretos 80:20 rule here.

Fixing your duplicate product URLs and duplicate tag page issues will have a greater immediate impact on organic rankings, traffic, and sales than say just improving your image alt tags

Read these two quick guides as you watch the How to videos below.
How to Fix Shopify Duplicate Tag Pages
How to Fix Shopify Duplicate Product URLs


How to

How to Fix Duplicate Product URLs in Shopify
How to Fix Duplicate Tag Pages in Shopify
How to Use Small Job Developers to Implement Shopify Fixes