edmundpelgen-smallI’m a Digital Marketer, SEO, Blogger and father of four,  living on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I’m the founder of OnlineKickstart.com, an Online Marketing Blog for real businesses.  

Formerly a co founder and Head of SEO and Content at for a digital agency I’m now consulting to small and medium businesses about their online marketing strategies.

I’m also a small business owner with my partner Jacqui and together we run a number of e-commerce businesses, primarily in the children’s’ products space.

I’m passionate about SEO and all things digital.  I’m also passionate about helping small business owners figure out this online thing using my own experiences with enterprise clients and my own businesses as a test bed for online strategies and tactics.

If you are interested in learning about Online Marketing for Small Businesses then check out my Online Marketing Blog Online Kickstart.

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Twitter: @edmundpelgen

Google Plus: Edmund on Google Plus

Linked In: Edmund Pelgen at Linkedin


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