Fresh out of University with a double degree in Commerce & Economics I joined an accounting firm and spent the next three years becoming a qualified chartered accountant. I worked with Coopers & Lybrand and Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu for several years before leaving the industry for good.

Like many of my generation, the career path that both my parents and I thought was ideal for me, just didn’t cut it.

After leaving the industry I returned to work in my parents retail, manufacturing and wholesale business for several years before leaving once again in search of work that would satisfy my yearning for something significant, new and creative.

That yearning took me to the USA in 1999 where I worked with a B2B startup that promptly imploded during the Dotcom crash of 2000.

I then returned to Australia and started a number of different businesses with various partners in technology, retail and hospitality.

Several lessons I learned during this time.

  1. Never go into business without a good lawyer on your side and a solid shareholders agreement.
  2. Don’t do work that goes against your psychological profile
  3. Don’t forget about your health

In the mid-2000’s I found myself without a job and a business and discovered the world of online marketing. Here was a community of people building businesses without following the rules of traditional business.

Like many, I started building websites and then found that I could sell them to other business owners.

It struck me that most of them were useless as lead generation tools useless unless they were optimised to get found in the search engines, so I started learning and doing SEO for my client sites for free.

Soon enough I dropped the website building to focus solely on SEO.

For the first time in my work career, I found an area that I could excel at.

It was a relatively new and exciting field. Most if not all of the experts were self-taught, and it was an area that anyone could do well in with a strong work ethic and a passion for learning.

My SEO Career

Since 2005 I’ve worked in SEO. I’ve worked in big agencies, been an agency owner and partner as well as an SEO consultant when I tired of the machinations of the corporate world.

I’ve owned and operated my own online businesses using my knowledge of SEO to generate traffic and sales.

I love the work. SEO continues to be a critical, albeit smaller part of the marketing mix for all businesses.

It has introduced me to some of the most inspiring and talented people I know and has given me the flexibility to build a business on my own terms and help other business owners grow their businesses.

I currently run an SEO agency at www.onlinekickstart.com where I provide SEO services for larger enterprises and agencies.

How Can I Help You?

On this site, I’m taking the opportunity to work more closely with business owners who “get it”. Who understand the importance of investing not only in SEO and other digital marketing channels, but also in upskilling their own skills and the skills of their teams.

By helping educate “you” about SEO and digital marketing in general through my blog posts, my video and training.

By providing “you” specific SEO services that your business may need and then helping you work out “what next”