About Me

Hey there, I’m Edmund Pelgen. I’m a former SEO agency owner and partner in several e-commerce businesses.

I share my insights into building an autonomous life for myself and my family with e-commerce as my business of choice.

My Journey

I’ve been helping businesses sell more with SEO since 2007.

I’m also currently a partner in two direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands.

Over the years, I’ve worked for SEO Agencies, owned my own SEO agency, and consulted for many thousands of businesses about how to grow their business with SEO.

From small local businesses to national brands like Lorna Jane, Super Amart, Flight Centre, Ignite Travel, HomeLoans.com.au, Roses Only & Petal & Pup.

Over the years, I’ve launched and grown several e-commerce brands. I’ve had some great successes and a lot of failures.

But that’s good for you, the reader who gets to learn from my mistakes.

The Purpose of this Blog

In early 2023, I decided that I would stop providing SEO services.

Like many Gen-X ers, I’ve recently taken on the additional responsibility of caring for an elderly parent, which impacted the time I had to commit to running and growing my SEO agency business.

Fortunately, my wife and I had established a new e-commerce business at the beginning of 2020, and as my agency turnover declined, this business grew and allowed us to support ourselves and our family during that time.

It has allowed us to live an Autonomous life.

According to the Collins dictionary, an autonomous person makes their own decisions rather than being influenced by someone else.

I liked that we could support ourselves without being answerable to the demands and desires of clients, employers or anyone else for that matter.

I believe that an e-commerce business is an ideal business for many people also seeking to live autonomously.

I’m sharing the tips, strategies and lessons I’ve learned since 2007 to help you build a business like this. A business that will allow you to live autonomously.

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