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9-Step Shopify SEO Accelerator training program to double your traffic and sales without agency retainers, becoming an SEO Expert, or struggling without a plan.

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If you are a young Shopify brand that has grown on the back of paid traffic and wants to rank and make sales from SEO, then this course is for you. It’s designed so you can improve your SEO without paying big agency fees, having to learn everything about SEO, or struggling without a plan.

There are a bunch of great Shopify SEO courses out there. Most teach keyword research, onsite optimisation, link building, and content. I created this course with these nine steps because I found that most courses did not include sections on domain selection, trust & conversion, and brand building.

I’m just a nice guy I guess. 😉 I used to bundle this training with four coaching calls for $3500. Now I want other people who have started building a Shopify site to start succeeding with their SEO without investing thousands of dollars. If you need help, you can reach out to me for a paid consultation. Also, I’d appreciate it if you shared this training if you find it helpful.

The 9 steps are designed to cover all of the key areas required to succeed in building a Shopify E-Commerce brand. But you might have covered some of them already.

#1 I’m completely new – In that case, I suggest starting with Module 1 and go from there.

#2 I’ve got an existing store and have never done SEO – In that case, I suggest starting with Modules 2-5 and see what impact that has on your rankings.

#3 I’ve fixed my store, now what? – In that case, I suggest reviewing Modules 7-9 and start working out how to accelerate your performance.

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SEO Results

Here are the organic visibility screenshots from Semrush for sites that have implemented the exact strategies in the Shopify SEO Accelerator.

Shopify Store in Children's clothing space
Shopify store in children’s clothing space
Shopify store in online flower delivery space
Shopify store in women’s clothing space
Shopify store in health and wellness space