Module 6 – Trust and Conversion

Improving the trust and conversion elements of your website will help you sell more with the traffic you have.

Why go through all of the effort to get people to your website if it does not convert effectively?


Understanding Trust

A website that does not present as “Trustworthy” will not make sales regardless of how much traffic you send.

Both you and I know instinctively when we first visit a website how we feel about it, whether we “trust” that when we buy from them, we will receive what we ordered.

And a key part of that initial feeling comes down to making a good first impression.

And that good first impression is made up of a myriad of individual things from the design, the product images, having third-party reviews, having a public address, and a contact phone number.

Shopify has published a blog post called 10 Ways to Establish Trust on E-commerce Sites & Apps which is a very good place to start.

Some of the key ones are:

  • Use Trust Signals – Third-party review, security seals, free returns, physical location address, and images of the team.
  • Make a Good Impression – Quality website design, quality product imagery, informative product descriptions, product delivery, returns, and guarantee information.
  • Show Off the Products – Invest in quality product imagery
  • Show Empathy for your Users – Understand what your users need and offer helpful and easy-to-find tutorials, help docs, and even educational content
  • Follow Usability Principals – Make sure your website is usable and don’t get creative with design choices that are stylistic but leave users confused as to what to do next.
  • Accessibility – Ensure visitors with disabilities such as vision impairment can use the site. Avoid ambiguous messages, unclear instructions, complex custom controls, reliance on visuals, and inconsistency.

Some other resources for you to read to help you understand how to improve trust are here:

21 Little Ways to Build a Trustworthy eCommerce Website
How to Build Trust in E-commerce [Benchmarks for 2022]


In addition, attention to how your website converts visitors into customers is going to be critical for the ongoing success of your website.

I’ve put together a “Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist” that covers all of the key aspects of what makes a website trustworthy and where you can make changes to improve the conversion rate of your site.

Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist

Simply make a copy of the Checklist, watch the video, and start making improvements to your website.

    How to use the Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist

    Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist